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how do you get rid of a tension headache without taking over the counter or prescription medication?

how do you get rid of a tension headache without having taking over the counter or even prescription medication?
i always obtain tension headaches icy very hot seems to work but i’m going for a clinical study soon plus can’t take any medicine over the counter or prescription.
will anyone know some organic remedy’s that will get rid of the pressure headache?

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Answer simply by iFxckedElmo
consuming tea and resting your mind ( zone out) generally works

Tension head ache – how do you get rid of the tension headache without taking over the counter or prescription medication?

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What is the best migraine medication you have tried, and why it is best?

What is the best headache medication you have tried, plus why it is best? I had migraines on and off for years, due to a car accident. The last 2 years have frequently arisen migraine headaches and my doctor will have a migraine med for me to hand to prescribe. The problem is, she says, they are all really similaires. Donc the question for the users of Yahoo, it is in your personal experience headache, migraine prescription medication that works greatest, and have side effects, etc .? Thanks Best answer:

solution IndyMom

I had migraines for 30 years. No one is best. The question is to find the best for you. You are the only person who may determine. Ask the doctor. Abortion drugs to recommend a migraine at a time until you find one best I discover Fioricet and Gabapentin for migraine


Personnellement. I also tried Maxalt, Zomig and all the others that I do not remember the name. Imitrex was the best key for moi. La one of which is, as soon as you realize that the pain comes or even wait until it comes to the level of migraine. If you wait until you have a full blown headache, no drugs fonctionne. Gardez daily headache when you attempt new drugs journal. After a few days or weeks, depending on how often you get all of them, you need the details for the physician. Help them, you orienter. Bonne luck.

Migraine – What is the greatest migraine medication you have attempted, and why it is best?

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