How do you get rid of a tension headache?

December 6, 2013

How do you get rid of a tension headache?
I have this horrible pressure headache but there are couple of meds I can take. I had a reaction to Excedrin pressure headache and there are many chilly medicines that don’t respond well. Unfortunately, I don’t know until my ears enlarge up and turn numb whilst my body itches with urticaria and I have to go the particular er once again.

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solution by mean cats mom
Try Head-On. I bought it as a fluke & was amazed at exactly how well it works. You can also attempt Active-On. Rub it on the back of your neck and your shoulder blades. Amazing!

avoid dwell on the tension. Worrying and getting upset about the fact that tension affects you only makes it worse. When you notice this smear on the Head/Active-On, close your eyes & go away for a few minutes. Imagine if you’re on a beach or strolling your dog or buying a brand new purse — whatever makes you happy.

Tension head ache – How do you get rid of the tension headache?

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